NobodyMy academic fields are the study of religions, philosophy, and intellectual history, and my research interests are mainly focused on:

  • mystical and esoteric forms of religion,
  • philosophy of religion,
  • relations of science and religion, and
  • meanings and usage of words.

I wrote my master’s thesis (in Finnish) on Frithjof Schuon’s (1907–1998) views on religion, esotericism and the perennial wisdom (sophia perennis). After that I have written a doctoral thesis (in English) on panentheist philosophy.

In the future, I will most likely examine things that are related to perennialist philosophy, panentheism, transhumanism, libertarian socialism, Radical Orthodoxy, Eastern Christianity, Neo-Platonism, Islamic philosophy and mysticism, and Mahāyāna Buddhism.

My other interests include science fiction, fantasy and New Weird, thrillers and mysteries, surrealism and absurdism, linguistics and philosophy of language, philosophy of history, peace and conflict studies, international law and relations, post-Keynesian economics, conspiracy theories, and ways to control public opinion.

I rather work with books and texts than with humans.

* * *