NobodyMy academic fields are the study of religions, philosophy, and intellectual history, and my research interests are mainly focused on:

  • mystical and esoteric forms of religion,
  • philosophy of religion,
  • relations of science and religion, and
  • meanings and usage of words.

I have written my master’s thesis (in Finnish) on Frithjof Schuon’s (1907–1998) views concerning religion, esotericism and sophia perennis, the perennial wisdom.

In 2017 I start to write my doctoral thesis (in English), which explores three topics: panentheist philosophy and its relation to modern science, transhumanist interpretations of Christian doctrines, and perennialist views on science and natural theology.

In the future, I will most likely examine things that are related to the Perennialist School, Eastern Christianity, Islamic philosophy and mysticism, Mahāyāna Buddhism, Neo-Platonism, and Radical Orthodoxy.

My other interests include science fiction and fantasy, linguistics and philosophy of language, peace and conflict studies, international law and relations, post-Keynesian economics, Marxian philosophy, existentialism, conspiracy theories, and the role of ideology, media and identity in society, world politics and each other.

I rather work with books and texts than with humans.

* * *