NobodyThe fields that fascinate me are the study of religion, mythology and esotericism, philosophy, cultural and intellectual history, and Oriental studies, and my special interests are:

  • perennial philosophy and transcendentals,
  • mysticism, cultural history, and philosophy of traditional religions, and
  • relations of science, religion, and esotericism.

The topic of my master’s thesis (in Finnish) was Frithjof Schuon’s view on religion, esotericism, and perennial philosophy. The topic of my first doctoral thesis article (in English) is panentheism as an intersection of science and religion.

I have also found interest in idealism, panpsychism, virtue ethics, aesthetics, Romanticism, existentialism, transhumanism, socialism, traditionalism, Radical Orthodoxy, post-Keynesian economics, conspiracy theories, peace and conflict studies, international law and relations, ways to control public opinion, and speculative and suspense fiction.

I rather work with books and texts than with humans.

* * *