I am a master of arts, magister artium, a scholar of humanities, specialised in the study of religions, intellectual history and philosophy, and a doctoral student of comparative religion. I have so far studied in Alkio College and the University of Turku.

My interest in religions and mythologies is as old as my ability to read, and I decided as a post-toddlerian child, that I am going to use much of my existence by studying them. My interest varies from academic and philosophical to esoteric and mystical.

* * *


After noticing that I do not have the capability to draw, I decided to write novels instead of making comics. I had already been fascinated by the Finnish language since I read encyclopedias as a child, so I started to read books on creative writing.

I have a novel series in progress. Its first manuscript has been sent to publishers. I have also authored some short stories, not yet published anywhere, and pulp fiction novellas – or rather novelettes, perhaps – which will be published as ebooks.

* * *


I like books, cats, tea, snowy winters, maps, magnifying glasses, hourglasses, candlelight and humanities. And bunnies. One must always like bunnies. I have 5th kyu belts in judo and Yui Shin Kai karate-jutsu.

Next you could click that cat picture below. There are my (and another person’s) writings about Finnish grammar, words and language in general.


And my name is going to space.

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