I am a Master of Arts, and a PhD student of comparative religion. Besides comparative religion, I have studied philosophy, classics, history, and ancient, prehistorical, medieval and early modern studies.

I wrote my master’s thesis on Frithjof Schuon’s views on religion, esotericism and sophia perennis. I am currently writing a doctoral thesis on panentheist philosophy.

I have written one novella, and I am working with a novel. They both are written in English. (The first nine drafts of the novel were in Finnish, though.)

I like books, cats, tea, snowfall, maps, magnifying glasses, hourglasses, candlelight and humanities. And bunnies. One must always like bunnies. I have 5th kyu belts in judo and Yui Shin Kai karate-jutsu.


Next you could click that cat picture. There is my (and another person’s) writings on Finnish grammar, words and language in general, in Finnish.


* * *