A scholar of comparative religion, philosophy, and history of ideas, arts and sciences. Magister artium, a PhD student. My master’s thesis was about Frithjof Schuon. My doctoral thesis is about panentheist philosophy. Also a writer of fiction and essays.

A member of the Finnish Oriental Society, Turku Science Fiction Society, Eetos, the Finnish Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers Association, the Classical Society of Turku, and the Art and Cultural Professionals’ Trade Union. Plus few forgotten memberships.

I like books, cats, tea, snowfall, maps, magnifying glasses, hourglasses, candlelight and humanities. And bunnies. One must always like bunnies. I have 5th kyu belts in judo and Yui Shin Kai karate-jutsu.


Next you could click that cat picture. There is my (and another person’s) writings on Finnish grammar, words and language in general, in Finnish.


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