I am a master of arts, magister artium, a scholar of humanities, specialised in the study of religions, intellectual history and philosophy, and a doctoral student of comparative religion. I have so far studied in Alkio College and the University of Turku.

My interest in religions and mythologies is as old as my ability to read, and I decided as a post-toddlerian child, that I am going to use much of my existence by studying them. My interest varies from academic and philosophical to esoteric and mystical.

* * *


After noticing that I do not have the capability to draw, I decided to write novels instead of making comics. I had already been fascinated by the Finnish language since I read encyclopedias as a child, so I started to read books on creative writing.

I have a novel series in progress, and I have also written some short stories, essays and novellas. I write in Finnish and in English.

* * *


I like books, cats, tea, snowy winters, maps, magnifying glasses, hourglasses, candlelight and humanities. And bunnies. One must always like bunnies. I have 5th kyu belts in judo and Yui Shin Kai karate-jutsu.

Next you could click that cat picture below. There are my (and another person’s) writings about Finnish grammar, words and language in general. But only in Finnish.


And my name is going to space.

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